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If you love chile as much as we do, you know that the mix makes all the difference. We are proud of our many great blends, but for a true chile enthusiast there is no joy greater than making your own.  

Each chile has its own unique flavor and heat, and together two chiles can combine to bring all new levels of flavor and spice in a powder.  

We hope that you enjoy learning how to make your own powder, because we’ve got all the chiles you need to mix and match powders to your heart’s desire. 


Yields 1.5 cups of chile powder. 

thoughts before starting

Mix it up with the chiles you add to this recipe! Try adding our Guajillo Hot, Negro Pasilla, ChiltepinYellow Aji, Toasted Arbol, or even the legendary Ghost pepper to get the most out of your mix.  

what you will need

  • Blender, coffee/spice grinder 
  • Measuring cup and spoons 
  • Pan 
  • Stovetop burner 
  • Airtight 2 oz. container


  1. Take all whole peppers that you are using and wash them. Remove the stem, top, and seeds from the inside.  
  2. Preheat the stove and add olive oil to the pan. Heat on medium until the pan is shiny from the oil heating up.  
  3. Heat the chiles on the stove for 4-5 minutes per side on medium until they are dry and somewhat brittle.  
  4. Break the heated chiles into 2-3 pieces each.  
  5. Add chiles and all other ingredients to a blender or spice mixer.  
  6. Blend until the mix is combined and be cautious of overmixing.  
  7. Add the mix to an airtight container and enjoy.  

Note: This chile powder is good for up to 2-3 months after it is made for max freshness.


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