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While Mexican cuisine is more well known for traditional ingredients like avocados, beans, rice, chiles, cilantro, and tomatoes, and dishes that are full of flavor thanks to the distinct blend of spices, there are also wonderful Mexican herbal teas that are an all too often overlooked aspect of the culture. Those same blends of spices and herbs that give the dishes their flavor also give Hispanic teas their flavor and aroma, and some blends are even thought to have medicinal properties.

History of Mexican Herbal Teas

Spices and herbs have been used to make teas since the beginning of time in every culture around the world, and Mexico is no exception. Prior to Spanish colonization, many of the indigenous cultures in Mexico used herbs to make infusions that were consumed for taste and for different spiritual and medicinal properties they were believed to have. These traditional herbal Hispanic teas are what Mexican tea culture is known for, and they’re very common in the country today.

Medicinal Properties

Just like teas in other parts of the world, some Mexican herbal teas are believed to have certain health and wellness-related benefits. Take damiana leaf tea for example, which is thought to help lower blood sugar and can be soothing to the digestive system and calm nerves.

If you’ve been drinking Hispanic teas your whole life, you know all about the variety of herbal and fruit-infused blends that can be the perfect start to the day or a great way to wind down in the evening. If you haven’t given Mexican herbal teas a try before, you certainly should. Our chamomile anise might be a great place to start, as it’s one of our most popular blends, but with our large selection, it should be easy to find a blend you’ll love. Shop our teas today!

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