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Ground chiles are what give many traditional Mexican dishes that flavor, spice, and heat we all know and love. Also referred to as chile powder, it’s simply made from ground-up dried chiles, without any other spices or additives whatsoever. The powder is often used to add a kick of flavor and a touch of heat to sauces, meat rubs, stews, and soups, but it’s so versatile that you probably have a few unique uses for the stuff in family recipes that we haven’t even thought of!

No matter what you plan on using them for, Don Juan Chiles is the best place to get ground chiles for all your needs. Shop our extensive selection of this staple ingredient of Mexican cuisine today!

How to store chile powder

Ground chile powder does best in a dark, cool environment that’s kept at a stable temperature. Because we don’t use any preservatives in our ground chiles, they need to be kept this way to avoid losing their potency. When stored properly, chile powder can last several months.

Chile powder vs chili powder

Ground chiles often get confused with chili powder, but as you might very well know, the two are completely different things. Chile powder is just that – chiles that have been crushed and pulverized into a fine powder and nothing else. Depending on the pepper, the powder can be a shade of red, orange, green, or yellow, and it’ll reflect the spice level of the chile it once was – mild, medium, or hot. Chili powder is a blend of different spices and crushed chiles, and it is mainly used to add flavor to the dish of the same name.

With the confusion between chile powder and chili powder here in America, it can be difficult to find the ground chiles you’re looking for in a grocery store. You won’t have that problem when you shop with Don Juan Chiles because we’ve been on a mission to provide individuals, families, restaurants, and grocers with all the authentic ingredients needed to create traditional Mexican cuisine for over three decades. Shop with us today!

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