The Story of Don Juan

Don Juan Chiles story begins like so many other family operated businesses—in the kitchen. Initially, burritos were the founder’s, Dinah & Rene Vizcarra Senior’s, primary product. However, the feedback on the burrito’s authentic flavor prompted a change in direction.

As a result, the family has distributed bulk chiles, spices, herbs, and teas since 1991, and created the Don Juan Chiles brand in 2003, named in memory of Rene Senior’s father. Don Juan Chiles’ mission is to provide grocers, restaurants, and local shops quality chilies and spices that enhance each meal while bringing families together.

As we continue to grow and expand our selection, we are proud to offer the same high-quality ingredients we have provided for so long to our grocers, restaurants, and local shops to online shoppers across the United States. Here at Don Juan Chiles, we understand more people are taking ownership of their food, and we want to help you enhance each of your hand-crafted meals. Our high-quality cooking ingredients provide an affordable option for home chefs to make their dishes POP!

So, whether you are looking for a specific dried chile, a hard-to-find dried herb, or even a unique Mexican herbal tea – Don Juan Chiles is here to help! We also offer a wide selection of Mexican & Hispanic spices, ground chile powders, and seasoning mixes. With over 250 products to choose from, Don Juan Chiles has an authentic ingredient for anyone looking to get excited for their next meal.

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