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Mexican cuisine is commonly associated with ingredients like corn, beans, and chiles, but none of our favorite dishes would taste the same without the many different dried herbs that have been used in cooking for generations. Whether you’ve been eating this food and are just looking for a more convenient way to get the dried herbs you struggle to find in store or are looking to expand your palate and explore the breadth of Mexican cuisine, Don Juan Chiles is the best place to get the Mexican herbs you need.

Why use dried herbs?

Mexican herbs are essential to many of the everyday dishes enjoyed in Mexican cuisine, and they’d all be rather dull without them! In fact, many of the corn, bean, or rice-based dishes rely on a mixture of herbs for the heat and flavor that they’re known for. Dried herbs are widely recognized as a great way to add flavors to meats, sauces, soups, salads, and a variety of other dishes, so get the Mexican herbs you need and experiment with the kind of flavors you can create!

The best herbs for Mexican cuisine

As you can see by our vast offering, there are quite a lot of dried Mexican herbs. However, there are 6 that are thought of as the best for Mexican cooking – cilantro, oregano, thyme, parsley, mint, and marjoram.

Why buy dried herbs from Don Juan Chiles?

While there are some Mexican influences on American cuisine in the southwest, it can still be very hard to find the dried herbs necessary to create authentic dishes in stores. At Don Juan Chiles, we want to give families, restaurants, and grocers access to these herbs so they can enhance their meals and bring people together with authentic flavors. We ship nationwide, making it convenient for lovers of Mexican cuisine all over the country to get what they need.

Here you’ll find all the Mexican herbs you’d ever want to recreate the dishes you fell in love with on a trip south of the border or when you were younger before immigrating to the states like our founders did. Order the herbs you need at Don Juan Chiles today!

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