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Today, Don Juan Chiles is the go-to destination for families, restaurants, and retailers to buy dried chiles online, along with all the other essential ingredients needed to craft authentic, flavorful, and spicy Mexican dishes. But it wasn’t always that way. Our founders, Dinah & Rene Vizcarra Senior, began their family business by selling the burritos and tamales they made in their kitchen to construction workers on their lunch break. They decided to shift the direction of their business to focus more on providing ingredients like chiles, spices, herbs, and more after receiving feedback on the authentic flavor of their creations. Now, we sell over 250 different products and are always looking to expand our selection.

Here you’ll find some of the best-selling authentic Mexican ingredients from our expansive selection. When our customers buy chiles from us, Guajillo Chiles and Arbol Chiles are some of the most popular. We have two types of Guajillo Chiles – the original and the hot. The Guajillo Original Chile is fruity and sweet with a mild heat that works great in marinades, sauces, and moles. Guajillo Hot Chiles have been allowed more time to mature before being dried, giving them a more fruity and sweet heat that is reminiscent of berry and pine. It’s a great spicy chile to use in pastes, butters, and meat rubs. The Arbol Chile is fiery, spicy, and pungent with a kick of natural grassy flavor. Use them in soups, sauces, salsas, pickle brines, and even as a flavor additive for vodka.

While chiles are primarily what we’re known for, people don’t just buy dried chiles online from Don Juan Chiles. Some of our best-selling products also include bay leaves, oregano, and cinnamon sticks. Even one or two bay leaves can add some flavor to a stew, and they’re a great compliment to a variety of savory dishes. Oregano is commonly used in everything from burritos and tacos to moles and sauces, and we source ours from Mexico rather than the Mediterranean like most are used to. Cinnamon sticks are typically used in horchata and coffee, but they can also make your home smell nice and festive during the holidays.

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