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Chile Oil

Chile Oil

This chile oil is a flavorful addition to almost any dish. It is gluten-free and vegan and can be used atop things like noodles and dumplings. You can throw this oil onto vegetables before roasting in the oven for a smoky, spicy flavor. 

Add this oil to chicken as a marinate or baste this chile oil onto steak as you grill it. There are unlimited ways to enjoy this simple recipe. 

Don Juan Chiles’ quality spices offer unbeatable flavor. Order what you need to make this delicious sauce and grab a few other kitchen staples while you’re at it 


thoughts before starting

Some people like to add in additional spices like Don Juan’s Cinnamon Sticks, Don Juan’s Star Anise, or Don Juan’s Bay Leaves. Have fun and experiment with the recipe to figure out what you like best! 

This oil will stay good stored in your refrigerator for months! Be sure to keep it safe in an airtight jar.

what you'll need to start

Small saucepan, heat-safe bowl, airtight jar with lid (to store chile oil).


  1. Mince your garlic and then add it to your heat-safe bowl with the crushed red peppers. 
  2. Start warming your oil in the saucepan over medium heat. 
  3. After 3-4 minutes your oil should be ready, if you happen to have a thermometer you are aiming for about 350 degrees (F). 
  4. Carefully pour your oil into the heat-safe bowl; the spices will sizzle and let off a delicious aroma.  
  5. Add your salt and mix to incorporate well. 
  6. Let cool completely (about 20-30 minutes), then transfer your chile oil to an airtight jar and enjoy! 

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