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Welcome to Don Juan Chiles, we’re so happy you’ve found us and are learning a little bit more about who we are and what we do.

The Don Juan Chiles story starts in the Vizcarra family kitchen in 1990 (that’s 29 years ago, but we’re not counting). Dinah & Rene Vizcarra Senior were working together to build a living after moving from Mexico in 1970. Both had grown up with a strong family tradition centered around food, and as they started to make burritos to sell at construction sites throughout Colorado Springs, they relied on that family tradition to deliver food made with love to nourish their customers physically and mentally.

The burritos were well received by the construction workers; however, there was a recurring piece of feedback that became hard to ignore. Everyone continually complimented them on the flavor of the burritos. Some of the feedback was:

“What’d you put in these?” “Can I get the recipe?” “These burritos are better than my mom’s… please don’t tell her I said that.”

All of this overwhelmingly positive feedback on their burritos’ authentic flavor prompted a change in direction. The two entrepreneurs decided to start a new business. This one was focused on the distribution and sale of bulk chiles, spices, herbs, and eventually teas. They officially opened Mex-CO Foods in 1991 (28 years ago, and we’re still not counting) with the mission to provide grocers, restaurants, and local shops quality chiles and spices that enhance each meal while bringing families together.

In 2003 the Don Juan Chiles brand was created in memory of Rene Senior’s father. This addition brought greater public access to the quality products at the core of the bulk business. Don Juan Chiles helped to further Dinah and Rene Senior’s mission and allowed them to create a larger impact on the families throughout the Colorado front range.

Here we are in 2019, and we’re turning the page and starting a new chapter in the legacy of Dinah and Rene Senior. Don Juan Chiles is growing, and our expansion is specifically focused on the dinner tables of people throughout the United States outside of Colorado. We’ve broadened our mission, and we are no longer solely focused on restaurants and retailers. We’re striving to provide quality chilies, spices, and herbs that enhance each meal while bringing families together

Don Juan Chiles understands more and more people are taking ownership of their food, and we want to establish a direct relationship with those people. We want to build trust by helping our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to replenish a standard spice drawer or you’ve got a specific requirement for an ayurvedic diet you’re exploring, Don Juan Chiles is here for you.

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