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variety of dried chile peppers.

When most people think of so-called “superfoods,” that come with health and nutritional benefits their mind goes to avocados, legumes, salmon, and certain nuts and seeds. It seems like no one talks about chiles and the various benefits they offer! Dried chiles have been enjoyed for generations, and they’ve long been a staple of Mexican cuisine not only because of the spice and flavor they bring to a dish but because of a variety of other reasons that most are unaware of. Here, we’ll be going over a few of the biggest benefits of dried whole chiles so they can get their time in the spotlight.

Health and wellness benefits

As you might already know, chiles are naturally high in a component called capsaicin which gives them their flavor, spice, and general “hotness.” But did you know that it has also been linked to reducing inflammation? This makes dried chiles a natural, more holistic way to relieve pain.

Regular and dried chiles are also naturally high in vitamin A and vitamin C, which aid in maintaining healthy vision, cell division, reproduction, and forming blood vessels, cartilage, muscle, and collagen in bones, respectively. These two vitamins also give your immune system a big boost, helping you stay in good health.

Chiles are also a great source of flavonoids, which are a group of plant metabolites that can have antioxidant effects and may provide benefits to cell function.

Looking to lose weight? Eating spicy foods like chiles can aide in doing so. More specifically, the heat you feel is created by your body, which means you’re burning calories during the process. You won’t lose a bunch of weight just from eating chiles alone, but they’re a helpful element in any weight loss journey.

Your heart can also benefit from eating chiles. They can lower your risk of heart disease by reducing lipid deposits and lowering blood serum cholesterol in addition to aiding blood flow by dilating blood vessels. 

Cooking Benefits

The various potential health benefits of dried chiles are nice, but if you’re anything like us, you’re more interested in what benefits they offer in the kitchen. One thing that’s great about dried chiles is that, if stored properly in an airtight container, they’ll be good for up to a year, and the heat and flavor won’t dissipate. If you know you’ll be using them consistently in your cooking, you can buy them once and have them on hand for a long time.

Another benefit of dried whole chiles is that you can easily rehydrate them and then turn them into a puree and incorporate them into a sauce (mole) or meat rub and use them in your dish in a number of different ways.  

Another general benefit of dried chiles is just how many different varieties there are, and you can find all your favorites and more right here at Don Juan Chiles. Shop our selection and order from us today!

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