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Simple Shredded Tacos

These delicious tacos are a favorite here at Don Juan Chiles. With a few simple ingredients including our famous taco mix that truly makes these tacos come alive. It is the perfect combination of spice and sweetness that will make your mouth water like never before.

Feel free to test this recipe and edit it to your liking. Add in more cheese or make it with some fresh avocado or salsa to round out this Tuesday night classic.

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thoughts before starting

Try using a dutch oven to cook your chicken if you’ve got the time.

what you'll need to start

Large Bowl, Plates, Forks, Small Bowl


  1. Plasce the 2 frozen chicken breasts directly in the pressure cooker with about 2 cups of salted water or enough to just barely submerge the chicken in the pot. Turn the pressure cooker on high for 10-12 minutes and quick release the seal.
  2. While the chicken cooks you can start to get your tortillas warm & crispy. Pour the vegetable oil into a small pan, enough to coat the bottom. Warm until it begins to sizzle.
  3. Add salt to make sure the oil is ready for the tortilla. Carefully, put a corn tortilla in the oil flipping as needed till crispy and hot.
  4. Remove the tortilla from the pan and put it onto a paper towel to dry. Repeat for as many tortillas as needed for the meal.
  5. Once the chicken is ready, take it out and put it into a bowl. Use two forks or a food processor to shred the chicken. Season the chicken with our famous Taco Mix along with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Begin to assemble your tacos and feel free to add salsa, cheese of your choosing, and avocado! 

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