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Don Juan Chiles – Chile with an “I” Walk on By

Wondering what the difference between a chile and a chili, or chili pepper, is? It can be hard to understand what these two terms are referring to because they are often used interchangeably when they really shouldn’t be.

You might be looking to buy chiles online and want to ensure that you get the right product you’re expecting, want to learn more about Mexican cuisine, or are just curious. Regardless, let’s take a look at what these terms actually mean, their usage around the world, their history, and some of the common misconceptions about chiles and chilis.

Chile vs. chili

The difference between chiles and chili is actually very simple – chile spelled with an “e” refers to a capsicum pepper, and chili with an “i” describes a dish or blend of spices.

So, if you are talking about hot peppers, a term like “chili pepper” would be incorrect. These spicy peppers are called chiles or chile peppers. The term “chile” can also be used to describe a chile pepper that has been dried and ground up. However, in many parts of the US, chili is the more popular spelling. This is why you will see a chile incorrectly called a chili pepper in America so often. Think of chili and chili pepper as slang terms. You will also see chile spelled “chilli” in Britain.

Something important to know is that chile peppers are often used in chili dishes and spice blends to add some heat and flavor.

History of Chile and chili

The word “chili” is thought to come from chili con carne, which is the name of a Mexican dish with chiles, meat, beans, and spices. It’s unclear whether native Mexicans originally used “chili” or “chile” when referring to the hot peppers that have since become a staple of the cuisine. However, we do that Britain adopted the “chilli” spelling, and Americans eventually shortened it to “chili.”

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