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If you’re new to the world of Mexican cuisine, the number of different dried chiles there are to learn about can seem very overwhelming. You’re likely unfamiliar with this variety because most aren’t available in major American grocery stores, meaning many chefs and individuals who are passionate about authentic Mexican food or want to learn more end up having to order dried chiles online from a place like Don Juan Chiles.

If you’re looking to learn more about dried chiles and their place in Mexican cuisine, consider this your guide.

Are all chiles hot?

While you may consider chiles to be something that just adds spice, they’re actually included in Mexican dishes to add flavor and texture. In fact, some even have a sweet, fruity taste. For example, the Ancho chile has a distinctly sweet and mild taste, and the Mulato chile is sweet with a fruit flavor and slightly smoky.

How are dried chiles used in Mexican food?

Just as there are a variety of dried chiles, there are a variety of ways they can be used. They can be crushed into powder that gets sprinkled on top of a dish or goes in salsa, meat rubs, stews, soups, or chili, soaked until soft and made into a paste or sauce, blended into a puree, and so much more. If you want a dish that really highlights dried chiles, try making a mole – a rich, thick sauce or paste. When you order dried chiles online from Don Juan Chiles, the possibilities are nearly endless! However, regardless of what you’re making, we always recommend lightly toasting your chiles on the stove in a frying pan because it will draw out flavor and develop it.

Can you make chiles less spicy?

Some chiles are more sweet and fruity tasting than spicy, and not all of them are what you might consider “hot.” However, sometimes you can do without the hot spiciness. To make a dried chile less spicy, simply remove all veins and seeds.

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