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Alternate Name: Maicena

Superior Thickening Power

Discover the magic of corn starch in transforming ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. With double the thickening power of flour, it effortlessly thickens gravies, sauces, and pies to perfection. Enjoy smoother textures and richer flavors with just half the amount required.

Gluten-Free and Translucent Elegance

Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, corn starch is gluten-free and adds a touch of elegance to your cooking. When heated, it turns translucent, maintaining the natural colors and textures of your dishes without altering their taste.

SeSimplify Your Baking Process

Revolutionize your baking routine with corn starch. When preparing fruit pies, skip the precooking step. Instead, mix corn starch with sugar and sprinkle over fresh fruits. As it bakes, corn starch seamlessly thickens the filling, ensuring juicy, delicious pies every time.

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