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Experience Michoacan’s Dried Fish: Charales

A specialty of Michoacan cuisine, charales are small dried and salted fish, known for their intense flavor. These smelt-like fish are versatile, perfect for crumbling into soups or as a substitute for beef dishes, especially during Lent.

Intensely Flavored and Nutritious

Charales pack a punch with their intense flavor profile, making them a favorite ingredient in Mexican cooking. They offer a unique umami taste that enhances soups and stews, adding depth and richness to every bite.

Versatile Culinary Uses

Beyond soups, charales are enjoyed year-round in dishes like nutritious charales salsa, a popular topping for fried eggs or omelets. Simply seasoned with lemon, garlic, or chile, this savory salsa complements breakfast dishes and adds a satisfying crunch.

A Taste of Tradition

In Michoacan, charales are celebrated for their cultural significance and nutritional benefits. They provide essential nutrients and a distinct flavor that enhances traditional Mexican dishes, offering a taste of authentic cuisine.

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