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Where do Don Juan’s Chiles come from?

Just like so many other family-owned companies, Don Juan Chiles started out in a kitchen. Initially, homemade burritos and tamales were founders Dinah & Rene Vizcarra Senior’s only product, but their flavors and spices proved to be so enjoyable that the pair had the idea to start selling spices. And then corn husks. And then chiles. Now, the business that started in their kitchen has over 250 different products and supplies essential ingredients to retailers, restaurants, and families. Don Juan Chiles has become the go-to destination to buy dried chiles online, along with all the other high-quality ingredients they need to create authentic Mexican dishes.

Where do our chiles come from?

Before you buy chiles, you might want to know where they come from. After all, chiles need to be grown in specific locations that receive lots of sunlight to warm the soil in order them to have the color, taste, and heat you love. Most other essential ingredients required for creating flavorful and spicy Mexican dishes also need to be grown in places that receive a lot of sun in warm climates. To provide truly authentic ingredients, all of our chiles and other products are sourced from places that provide optimal growing conditions.

Here’s where we get some of our most popular ingredients from:

·      Guajillo Hot Chiles sourced from Mexico

·      Arbol Chiles sourced from India

·      Bay Leaves sourced from India

·      Oregano sourced from Mexico

·      Cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka

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At Don Juan Chiles, we know that when you’re looking to buy dried chiles online, you care about where they come from. Knowing where your food comes from allows you to take ownership of it and enhances your enjoyment of the dishes you make. When you buy chiles from us, you can have confidence knowing you’re getting a product grown in optimal conditions, making it stronger and more colorful than most others.

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